Healing Stage

Monday was my last day of radiation and now I am healing! I am not really feeling any pain, but lots of itchiness and at times a burning sensation. My doctor said I can apply the Silver Sulfadiazine cream twice daily, which helps. I also use Aquaphor ointment. Hoping the itchy phase is gone soon. I think my hair is almost finished falling out. My salon stylist did a great job cutting my hair shorter with layers. I am taking it pretty easy, but I'm not the type to lay around.

Thank you everyone for your support, advice, and caring words during my radiation treatment! It means a lot! 

Annabelle threw a punch at your cancer.
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Congrats to you - sounds like you’re doing great! The worst part is over, now the healing begins…take it easy when you need to and know that each month get better.
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That’s good to hear! Thank you!!
Congratulations, Leanne! Healing started!!!
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Thank you!!😊
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Congratulations on finishing the treatment, Leanne! Yes, let the healing begin.
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Thank you!!😊
You are getting through with flying colors! Be good to yourself; listen to your body.
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Good advice! Thank you!
This is remarkable, and I’m so happy for you! You’ve flown through this far better than most and it gives me hope that the treatment they’ve given you will be less brutal for others that are diagnosed! Take care and give yourself a little more rest than you might think!
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I’m sorry so many had a difficult time with the standard treatment. I hope the clinical trial shows effective results. Thank you for the advice! 😊
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This is wonderful news in that you are already into the healing phase! Like others here, I’m very encouraged that this new protocol will cure the cancer with significantly fewer, or at least less intense, side effects. Kudos to you for participating in this incredible trial. And, get your dancing shoes polished because you have a dance with NED coming up, 🤗🤗
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Thank you for your positive comment! I will have my scan & exam in mid October. Hope I’ll get to do a dance to celebrate!! 💃🏻😊
Yayyy! So glad your done. 🎉🎉 Sounds like things are going great with you. That’s fantastic. Happy healing. 😊
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Thanks so much!! It’s nice not driving 1 & 1/2 hours each way to the hospital everyday! ☺️
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I thought my 45-50 minutes drive was bad. Enjoy all that extra time in your day!
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Happy for you! Yay!!
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Thank you!! 😊
Great news! Now u can focus on healing and living life! Radiation will continue to do its thing for another 6 months or so. Try not to overdo things
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Thank you! I was told radiation will continue to work for months, but I was not sure exactly how long.
Congratulations getting through the treatment. Be gentle with yourself and listen to your body
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Thank you!
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Vital Info


June 19, 2022

college station, tx, United States

Cancer Info

Anal Cancer

squamous cell cancer T1NOMO

May 19

Stage 1

0.1 - 1.0 cm



side effects during treatment and not knowing what the long term side effects might be

There are many helpful and caring people who support me.


I am in a clinical trial: De-Intensified ChemoRadiation for Early Stage Anal Squamous Cell (decrease)

MD Anderson Houston

In January of 2020 I noticed a little bump on the perianal area. My doctor examined it and treated it as a hemorrhoid. With COVID19 happening that Spring, my next doctor's appointment had to be rescheduled to May. My doctor examined it again and noticed it was not getting better so she referred me to a surgeon who removes hemorrhoids and skin tags. The surgeon thought it looked like a skin tag. He gave me the option to surgically remove it or leave it. Since it was a little painful and annoying I chose surgery. After he removed it, the pathology results came back as a T1N0 invasive anal squamous cell carcinoma. After this I was seen by doctors at MD Anderson for the next two years. No concerns were reported the rest of 2020 or in 2021. In May of 2022 I was scheduled for a colonoscopy at MD Anderson. The doctor was concerned with some abnormal looking tissue in the anal canal. Biopsies confirmed 1 mm squamous cell cancer and I was diagnosed with T1NOMO. I started a clinical trial with chemo radiation on June 13.


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